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Gold - Dry Sea Moss 4oz

Gold - Dry Sea Moss 4oz

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Wildcrafted, Sun-Dried and Harvested from the immaculate coasts of the Eastern Caribbean Sea, our Gold Sea Moss is a potent all natural super-food packed with vitamins and minerals that are targeted to aid in digestion. It is low in calories and fat and contains a small amount of protein. The variety of vitamins and minerals is a good source of iodine and antioxidants.

Sea Moss can be consumed directly in its gel form or mixed with smoothies, teas, coffees, desserts, soups or stews. (or added to any desired recipe)

Turn Dry Sea Moss into Sea Moss Gel:
1. Rinse thoroughly with cold water 3-4 times ensuring all sand, salt and debris are

2. In a bowl, submerge Sea Moss with Spring or Alkaline water for at least 12-24 hours- Add some lime to neutralize the fresh ocean taste.

3 . Thoroughly rinse the Sea Moss again, then place it in a blender and add water until
the surface of the sea moss is covered.

4. Blend well until it becomes a smooth gel-paste with desired consistency.

5. Place in jar and refrigerate up to 3 weeks for optimal benefits.

*Note: For processed gel, please refrigerate before consumption. Keep Refrigerated*
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